What do you need to do after successful rehab?

Treating your addiction is not an easy task at all, but after you finish it successfully, then the harder part comes. You learn (or remind) of everyday’s things and try to become normal again. But each second of your day, you could have a craving just to get a fix, and you would not repeat it. Everywhere you go, you could bump into a trigger that would release the voice in your head that says: “Just one fix and that is it!”

Staying within the circle of sober people is one part of your fight but what is with training in some basic everyday situations like grocery shopping? The problem for recovered addicts is that they cannot spend their free time like other people do (at least in the beginning) – at night, many people go out to restaurants and clubs, but that would be a serious trigger for an addict.  So how to live normally after the addiction?

Get yourself involved

post2aYou need to involve yourself in different activities. You can always find the organizations that provide training, workshops, and events for recovered and recovering addicts. Many of these groups organize group hiking, jewelry-making or other activities that are more rewarding than the drug relapse. Participants will learn new life, without the haze and false feelings of happiness. They are also healing themselves at the same time.

Delete the old friends and replace them with the new ones

Cut any possible tie that could take you to the drug, in case you want to get hit. Think about it like that – If you remove all people who could give you a drug, there is no chance that you will take that drug again, even if you are dying for it. You simply cannot go back to your old friends and expect the different outcome.

post2bDo not forget to meet new sober friends who will drag you from the depression and boredom which usually leave to drug relapse. It is not as easy as that to get new friends just like that. Instead, try going to local events and talk to people. Another great method is to visit BIGVISION, the organization that organizes events with new activities and hobbies that cultivate sober and healthy friendships.

Follow your plan, stay busy and seek help if needed

The plan is there to keep you on the track, even when your mood is not good. Do not skip group meetings and helping other addicts. Try to stay busy, as idle time kills your motivation to be sober. Part-time job or volunteering would be enough for a start just to keep your mind occupied. Do not get to busy as you are putting your recovery at risk since you will stress yourself.

If, in any case, you feel distracted or unmotivated, ask for help. Do not be ashamed or overconfident that you can take it on your own – it is better to ask for help again than to get back to your old patterns.