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Drugs became more acceptable in our society to that level that we have to do something serious about the whole problem in order to stop it from spreading further.

What can we do for you?

Our mission is to help you to get rid of the drug addiction and start a new life. The help we offer comes from real-life experience, from people who have suffered from drug addiction and who managed to fight the addiction.
Identifying the problem

Identifying the problem

The first thing we need to do is to help the addict to admit the problem. It is one of the hardest steps.

Finding the relevant program

Finding the relevant program

Each is different so what works for you does not have to work for the other guy. We suggest the right treatment program after we “make a profile” of an addict.

Starting the treatment

Starting the treatment

The final step is beginning the treatment and making sure that the addict undergoes the whole process.

Our Services

Detox program

Detoxification program aims to clean up the hardcore addicts who have an addiction for more than ten years. This program has a great percentage of patients who were successfully treated and never got back to the addiction.

The Program

Our detox program has a characteristic as one of the best detox programs in our state, and it has a huge number of successfully treated patients.

Profiles of the addicts

Considering different profiles of the addicts who want to start with the detox, it can also be a part of inpatient and outpatient rehab program.


Outpatient addiction treatment

Outpatient treatment offers more of group therapy. Although it is designed more for long-term addicts, each type of addicts can start with this treatment. There is also a PHP or Partial Hospitalization Program which offers hospital-based services.

Group or individual

A cool thing about this treatment is that you can choose between the group and individual treatment, depending on your preferences and wishes.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program gives access to hospital-based services, including special treatment methods and medications. It means you will have everything you would have in classic hospital treatment.

Treating mental disorders

As mental disorders can be a trigger for starting a drug addiction, we decided to expand our help to prevent drug abuse. Professional neurologists and brain experts work with the addicts so the addicts could function as normal people when they get back to their normal lives.

Latest methods

Treating anxiety disorder, depression or PTSD through the latest methods will ensure you a safe beginning in the fight against the addiction.

Private counseling

Private counseling for those who want to stay anonymous. You choose your therapist and the schedule for the treatment sessions.


Why us?

We tend to create a custom-made recovery plan for every addict that seeks help, which means we ask for some “private” information so we could create a picture of your personality, your pros, and cons. This information are strictly for treatment preparation. In this way, we can guarantee a 100% successful treatment and prevention of drug cravings.

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